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Greg Frazier, President, Union UFCW Local 1564 NM



New Mexico lawmakers are attempting to weaken your right to bargain for better wages and benefits by passing “Right to Work” legislation. 


In the coming weeks, you are probably going to hear about something called Right to Work (RTW). Right to work may sound good on paper, but it is actually nothing more than a controversial and confusing proposal designed to silence your voice and take away your rights.  


As you know, we are coming out of a very tough election. Republicans took control of the New Mexico House of Representatives for the first time in sixty years. Governor Susana Martinez, who has consistently opposed the interests of New Mexico working families, also won her reelection. Shortly after these results, out-of-state special interest groups began strategizing about how to bring Right to Work to New Mexico. We must stop them.


Supporters of RTW will tell you it creates jobs. It does not. They will say it attracts new businesses, also false.  In truth, RTW has a clear track record of lowering wages, reducing benefits, and leaving workers in a weakened position.


Simply put, right to work is an extreme political agenda being pushed by corporate special interests.  It weakens the basic rights of workers so that corporations can have even more. Here are some of the facts:


  • WAGES-The average worker makes about $5,000 less in Right to Work states.
  • BENEFITS-Right to Work lowers the share of workers who have health insurance and a pension.
  • SAFETY-The rate of workplace deaths is 36 percent higher in states with Right to Work laws.
  • JOBS-Six of the 10 states with the highest unemployment are Right to Work.
  • WORKERS’ RIGHTS-Right to Work reduces union membership by 9.6 percent.
  • EDUCATION-Right to Work states spend $3,392 less per pupil on elementary and secondary schools.

 Just take a look at Albertsons to see the harmful impact of Right to Work. The difference in wages and benefits between stores in Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas is drastic. In Right to Work Texas, a job identical to one in New Mexico pays $4.00 per hour less while health insurance costs the employees dramatically more. There are examples like this all over the country.    

We need to show our elected officials in the New Mexico legislature that Right to Work is wrong and unnecessary. We must demand that they vote NO and we need your help to defeat this anti-worker legislation.  Right To Work means Right to Work for less.

Stand Strong, Stay Strong, Stand United!

Fraternally Yours,

Greg Frazier